Continuing Education Credits


Up to 17 hours*

Texas licensed DCs can earn up to 17 live hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits*


Up to 13 hours*

Non-Texas licensed DCs can earn up to 13 live hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits*


Up to 11 hours*

CAs licensed in Florida, Wisconsin, and PACE States can earn up to 11 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits*


Up to 4 hours*

MTs licensed in Texas can earn up to 4 live hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits*


Up to 4 hours*

Texas licensed DVMs can earn up to 4 live hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits*


Up to 4 hours*

AVCA certified doctors can earn up to 4 live hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits*
*Pending state board approvals
*All CE hours are pending your licensing board’s approval. CE credits are provided by Parker University. PACE accepts whole-hour increments only.


To ensure and verify your attendance for CE Credits:

The DC continuing education hours will be applicable for Doctors of Chiropractic licensed in the states/provinces/countries listed below under the Board Approval Status column. For those licensed in Florida – you will be required to present a photo ID. The Chiropractic Assistant continuing education hours will be applicable for CAs licensed in Florida, Wisconsin, and PACE states (pending approval).  Credit will be issued for full class time attendance only, no partial credits will be awarded.

  • After you have picked up your badge, stop by the CE table to receive a State/Province status sheet and any attendance materials necessary for documentation.
  • Attend the classes that are marked CE on your program (not all classes are eligible for CE credits) and have been approved by your Board.
  • In order to receive credit for your attendance, you must have your badge scanned as you enter and depart each CE session. (If you leave the classroom, you must scan out and back in on your return).
  • If awarded CE hours, your voucher will be emailed to the email address associated with your seminar registration in six (6) to eight (8) weeks. The voucher will be emailed from

As a continuing education provider, Parker University is obligated by the state/province boards to monitor attendance in each CE class. This means we must ensure registrants are actually attending CE classes. 

Failure to scan in and out, arriving late and/or leaving early will affect your overall class time and will negate class hours. No partial class attendance will be awarded. Don’t hesitate to ask the CE monitor for assistance or to answer any questions you may have. Please help us help you obtain your renewal hours by following this process.

Classroom seating is sometimes limited. Parker University cannot guarantee that registrants will be able to attend the classes they prefer. Because Parker can award continuing education credit only to those who attend the CE class, you should plan to arrive early while space is available.

Please note: Ryan Holiday’s presentation “Obstacle is the Way” is not a Continuing Education class.


Important Information:

For states/provinces below marked “No application required”: Because of Parker University’s accreditation status, some licensing boards do not require Parker to submit their CE programs for pre-approval. Therefore, Parker cannot guarantee that the classes we offer will automatically be approved by your board. We strongly recommend registrants from these states/provinces be aware of your board’s rules and regulations regarding continuing education requirements and scope of practice. Specific questions should always be directed to your specific licensing board.

For states/provinces below marked “Approved through PACE”: PACE is a continuing education clearinghouse with a large state/province membership. As PACE approves class time in full hour increments only, verified attendance in a class of 1.5 hours for the full class time would be awarded 1 hour of continuing education credit providing the subject matter falls within the individual board rules and regulations. Some states/provinces may accept direct applications instead of using PACE. If your board is listed here: AK, KS, ME, MA, MN, MO, NV, NJ, NH, NC, ND, SC, SD, TN, PR, NS – but does not show “Approved through PACE” in the grid below, we have submitted the program directly to that board for CE review.

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