Michael Carey

Dr. Michael Carey runs a cash-based practice in San Diego, focusing on a wide range of athletes, including Olympians, collegiate level athletes, professional athletes, and amateurs who are passionate about sports, performance, movement, and general well-being. He has also practiced in Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, and California.  

The cornerstone of his practice focus is on lower extremity-related disorders.  He started as a certified pedorthist prior to pursuing his chiropractic degree. In addition to prescribing custom orthotics and recommending footwear modifications, Dr. Carey incorporates a functional-based approach with soft-tissue manual therapy, joint mobilization, rehabilitative stretching, and corrective exercises for the best clinical outcomes.  

When not working, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, and pursuing an active lifestyle, which means chasing after two children and one ‘well-behaved’ dog. 

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